Bhutan Body Building and Weight Lifting

The Federation consists of two sports, weightlifting and body-building which was established in 2002. Activities began in 2004 after the Federation secured a small room to serve as a gym. Since its establishment more than a hundred members have registered for body-building. Weightlifting is yet to take off due to unavailability of space. The sport of body-building has been gaining popularity in the capital. The Federation is a member of both the ABBF and IFBB and the AWF and the IWF.

The Federation aims to organize, encourage, promote and control the sports of weightlifting and bodybuilding in Bhutan through provision of facilities for training and physical exercise in the discipline rendering financial assistance to both individuals and organizations for training; dissemination of knowledge, modern techniques in the form of coaching; dissemination of information in the form of rules of weightlifting and bodybuilding as approved by the International Federation; and by way of arranging national competitions as well as participation in international competitions.


The Mission of the Federation is to:

  1. Bring youth together in a healthy atmosphere.
  2. Promote and initiate good health and physical development.
  3. Develop the sense of commitment, diligence, patience and persistence.
Asian Games 2018
Asian Games 2018