Bhutan Golf Federation


The Bhutan Golf Federation like any other National Sports Federation in Bhutan was constituted in the year 1983 under the auspices of the Bhutan Olympic Committee and has been receiving financial support from BOC to carry out its activities as per the annual calendar of activity. Support has been mainly in organizing the Bhutan Handicap Tournament and the National Opens. Through the BOC, the BGF has also been supporting participation in the SAF Golf tournaments and where invitations are received, in tournaments in the region.

The Present Executive Committee of the BGF took office in August 2007. Since the Royal Thimphu Golf course is the only proper Golf Course in Bhutan, it is very important that the BGF is closely associated with the RTGC.


  1. To promote youth golf in selected schools under Thimphu Dzongkhag (school golf program)
  2. To assist in developing youth golf driving range and putting green at Royal Thimphu Golf club premises
  3. Liaise with APGC for infrastructure development grant and international participation grants.
  4. To conduct clinic for coaches and green keeper, turf management etc…
  5. Responsible for selection of players for participation in the regional and international competitions