Bhutan Chess Federation

Bhutan Chess Federation (BCF) is revived in 2021 to promote and develop Chess in the
country. Moreover, the federation being one of the youngest federations, acts as a center for Chess development for all ages.

BCF is an affiliated member of the International Chess Federation, Asian Chess Federation, Bhutan Olympic Committee, and Anti-Doping Committee.

Based on genuine compassion, trust, and mutually beneficial cooperation, the federation is governed by the provisions of the constitutions of the International Chess Federation and Bhutan Olympic Committee.

The objectives of BCF are:
-To promote Chess education and training programs for all ages.
-To organize and coordinate Chess tournaments at the national and international level.
-To establish partnerships with other Chess organizations.
-To integrate Chess into schools and university curricula.
-To build a strong and sustainable Chess community by encouraging public participation.
-To support the development of Bhutanese Chess players for international competitions.

For general inquiries, please contact:
Contact No: +975 17337532
Email: [email protected]