Bhutan Tennis Federation

The Bhutan Tennis Federation was constituted in 1983 as the number of players increased. The federation has a written constitution which is due for a revision. The number of tournaments increased from one to two or three in a year depending on who was the secretary of the federation at that period of time. Although the federation increased the number of tournaments in a year, the turnouts for students or ladies participation still remained very low.

The development of sports in Bhutan both for infrastructure facilities and financial support at international competition has not been very strong in the past years. This means that the government accords higher priority to other developmental activities such as health, agriculture, education etc. Nevertheless, of late the government has introduced incentives for those athletes who bring medals home from regional / international competitions.

Tennis is one of the few games that were introduced in Bhutan in the 1970s. There were a few players who enjoyed this game and it was mainly recognized as a game for those people who could afford it. Indeed this game was not very popular among students as facilities were limited and it was expensive. Consequently, there were hardly any tournaments organized for students or ladies.


  1. To produce tennis players capable of competing in international games.
  2. Financially in a position to maintain/ improve tennis facilities for coming generations without assistance from outside.
  3. To make tennis game more accessible through creation of adequate and improved tennis facilities.
  4. To increase youth participation by 10 to 20 fold.
  5. To upgrade coaching skills and knowledge of 20 nationals.