Bhutan Boxing Federation

The Boxing Federation was formally raised in the year 1983. The same year the constitution and the rules governing the Bhutan Boxing Federation were formulated and implemented. Starting with the participation in the 1st SAF Games held in Nepal in 1984, the Bhutan Boxing Federation fielded boxers to various other regional and international competitions. As of date, the Bhutan Boxing Federation has made 12 representations and has won a total of 1Gold, 3 Silver’s and 29 Bronze medals.


  1. Organize Encourage, Promote and Control Boxing in Bhutan consistent with the overall policy of the Royal Government of Bhutan.
  2. Carry out talent hunt/selection of boxers, training and prepare boxers to represent the country for various Regional and International competitions
  3. Disseminate useful knowledge and modern Techniques including rules of Boxing as approved by the International Federation by arranging competitions within the country or participation in international competitions.