One of the overall objective of WADA’s Program Development activities is to bring together several countries and stakeholders within a geographic area to mobilize and pool resources for anti-doping under the umbrella of an independent Regional Anti-Doping Organization (RADO).

There are currently 15 established RADOs bringing together 122 countries. Please refer to in the Download Centre for a sample of a typical RADO structure.

Every member country is represented on the RADO Board by an individual appointed by the country’s government and National Olympic Committee (NOC). Several key partners, including established National Anti-Doping Organizations, International Federations, continental associations of NOCs, and intergovernmental organizations are assisting the RADOs in developing sustainable anti-doping programs.

All RADOs have trained local experts in the following areas:

  1. Results management
  2. Appeals
  3. Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs)
  4. Anti-doping education
  5. Doping Control Officers (DCOs).