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17th Asian Games Incheon

Kuensel article on the Bhutanese delegation at the Asian Games

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Courtesy: Kuensel Corporation … more...

Story from about Ajay Pandit Chhetri winner of the 2014,Tour of the Dragon

The winner of 2014 edition of Tour of the Dragon… more...

Welcome ceremony 17th Incheon Asian games

The welcome ceremony for the athletes was held today at the ceremony plaza of the athlete’s village in Incheon, South Korea along with the National Olympic Committee’s (NOC) of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Qatar and Philippines.

The ceremony take place in the leading up to the opening ceremony to officially welcome the athletes and the team officials to the athletes villages and it is featured the raising of each nations flags, singing the national anthem and a cultural performance reflecting the music culture and traditions of Korea and the ceremony concluded with gift exchange between the NOC delegations.… more...

17th Asian Games- Incheon, South Korea

17th Asian Games Incheon

The 17th Asian Games are to kick off in Incheon, South Korea from 19th September to 4th October 2014 with the slogan “Diversity shines here”.

While this is the first time in history that Incheon will host the Games, in the past, South Korea has hosted them twice, in Seoul (1986) and Bussan (2002).… more...


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